Magnetic Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposite for Biodiesel Production
S. Erdema, R.M. Öksüzoğlu b, S.B. Avşar c and B. Erdem c
aUludag University, Physics Department, Bursa, Turkey
bAnadolu University, Material Science and Engineering Department, Eskisehir, Turkey
cUludag University, Chemistry Department, Bursa, Turkey
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Ordered mesoporous silicas can be utilized as support because of having large surface area, tunable porosity, uniform: pore size distribution, high thermal stability and modifiable properties. However, these materials introduce separation problems in liquid-phase processes. We have prepared Fe3O4-SBA-15-SO3H solid acid catalyst by combining the properties of a magnetic material and the mesoporous character of silica. The sulfonic acid functionalized solid acid catalyst, containing both magnetic nanoparticles and mesoporous silica, is not only separable but also stable under hydrothermal conditions, which are usually employed for biodiesel production. Esterification of oleic acid with methanol for biodiesel production was carried out effectively and 75% conversion: of ester was approximately reached within six hours in the presence of Fe3O4-SBA-15-SO3H magnetic solid acid catalyst. In addition, the catalyst could be separated from the reaction system by applying external magnetic field and reused without deactivation.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.763
PACS numbers: 75.70.Cn,