Evaluation of Marble Dust for Soil Stabilization
F. Yilmaz and M. Yurdakul
Bayburt University, Civil Engineering Department, Bayburt, Turkey
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Usage of marble dust was investigated for soil stabilization in the scope of utilization of waste material. Geotechnical properties, such as compaction, Atterberg limits, unconfined compressive strength of the mixtures and changes of these properties with the marble dust ratio were determined. From the test results it is seen that marble dust increases the mechanical properties of soil and application of dust wastes for soil stabilization will be an efficient practice in terms of solid waste management.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.710
PACS numbers: 89.20.Kk, 94.05.59, 89.60.-k, 89.60.Ec