Investigation of Properties of Foam Concretes Produced Using Pumice at Different Ratios
Ş. Kilinçarslana, M. Davraza, M. Korua and F.P. Ekıztaşb
aSuleyman Demirel University, DEYMAM Department, Isparta, Turkey
bSuleyman Demirel University, Civil Engineering Department, Isparta, Turkey
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Foam concrete is a type of light weight concrete having self-compacting properties. It can be obtained by mixing the foam, formed by the foaming agent, with a mixture consisting of cement, water and aggregate. It contains independent closed pores with a volume of 75-80% within its body. In this study, three series of foam concrete were produced using different ratio of pumice. Compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and thermal conductivity of foam concrete samples were determined for each density set. It is found that, pumice ratio has a linear relationships with dry bulk density, compressive strength, tensile strength and thermal conductivity. It can also be concluded that strong relationship exist between higher correlation coefficients and pumice ratio.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.708
PACS numbers: 65.60.+a,