Excitation Functions of Neutron Induced Nuclear Reactions for 59Co Nucleus using Different Level Density Models
M.E. Korkmaza, M. Yigit b and O. Agara
aFaculty of Sciences, Department of Physics, Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University, 70100, Karaman, Turkey
bFaculty of Science and Arts, Department of Physics, Aksaray University, 68100, Aksaray, Turkey
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Cobalt alloys have been used in nuclear reactor design because these alloys have favourable mechanical properties at high temperatures. In this work, the nuclear cross section data of 59Co(n,2n)58Co, 59Co(n,3n)57Co, 59Co(n,4n)56Co, 59Co(n,np)58Fe, 59Co(n,t)57Fe, 59Co(n,3He)57Mn and 59Co(n,2nα)54Mn reactions were obtained by using TALYS 1.8 and ALICE/ASH codes. Effects on the cross section data of nuclear level density models in the calculations were investigated. In addition, the obtained results of the cross section calculations are discussed and compared with the measured values from the literature.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.670
PACS numbers: 21.10.Ma