Effect of Layer Thickness on I-V Characteristics of GaInP Nanofibers Fabricated by Electrospinning on n-Si Substrates
N. Çiçek Bezira, A. Evcin b, H. Okçu c, R. Kayali d, M. Kaleli a and D.A. Aldemir a
aDepartment of Physics, Faculty of Art and Science, Suleyman Demirel University, 32260 Isparta, Turkey
bDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Afyon Kocatepe University, 03200 Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
cGraduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Suleyman Demirel University, 32260 Isparta, Turkey
dDepartment of Physics, Faculty of Art and Science, Ömer Halisdemir University, 51200 Nigde, Turkey
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GaInP nanofibers were formed on n-Si substrates by electrospinning method, using constant voltage (25 kV), height (6 cm), and flow rate (0.3 ml/h) during various process times (of 10, 20, 25 minutes). Characterization of the prepared samples was performed by X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry/thermal gravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry. Furthermore, the current-voltage measurements of the GaInP/n-Si samples have been carried out. The obtained results show that I-V characteristics of all GaInP/n-Si samples fabricated with three thicknesses of GaInP layers are rather in a good agreement with the theory and that they exhibit rectifying properties.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.638
PACS numbers: 81.07.-b, 73.61.Le, 81.07.Gf