Local Scour around Group Bridge Pier with Different Shapes
M. Günal, T.A. Gelmeran and A.Y. Günal
Gaziantep University, Civil Engineering Department, Gaziantep, Turkey
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This study is based on laboratory experiments for computing depth of local scour around group bridge pier, considering the effects of upstream flow conditions, size of pier, median size of bed material and spacing between bridge piers on the maximum scour depth and scour pattern around bridge piers. The study was conducted using a physical hydraulic model for bridge piers, operated under clear-water condition and using uniform: cohesionless sand as bed material. Three different models of bridge piers, having different sizes were used for showing the effect of the size on the local scour.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.632
PACS numbers: 92.40.GC, 92.10.WA