Effects of Sulfation Roasting and Sodium Sulfate Addition on Dissolution of Nickel and Cobalt from Laterite
T. Tunç Parlak and K. Yildiz
Sakarya University, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Esentepe Campus, 54187, Sakarya Turkey
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In this study, lateritic nickel ore from Manisa-Çaldağ, Turkey was subjected to sulfation roasting. Experimental parameters were as follows, acid concentration (10-90 wt.%), roasting temperature (200-900°C) and time (15-90 min). Effect of sodium sulfate addition (1-9 wt.%) on dissolutions of nickel and cobalt was also investigated. It was concluded that iron dissolution has increased with increased acid concentration. Dissolutions of nickel and cobalt increased with increasing roasting temperature and time below the decomposition temperature of related metal sulfates. It was concluded that addition of sodium sulfate in roasting stage has no significant effect on dissolutions of related metals.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.629
PACS numbers: 88.10.jn, 88.10.jp