Proposal of a Cost-Saving and Risk Prevention Mechatronic System for Water Consumption Systems of Buildings
D. Karayela, S.S. Ozkana, G. Atalib, N. Ceylana and R. Kilicb
aSakarya University, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Sakarya, Turkey
bSakarya University, Vocational High School, Sakarya, Turkey
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This study aims to develop an integrated control system to prevent the indoor loss of water. In general, these losses occur while using the hot water, because of forgetting to close the water batteries during the water cuts, or due to faults in washing machines, dishwashers and indoor plumbing systems. In this study, a specialized solution is developed for each type of losses. Then, the developed three subsystems were combined and transformed into an integrated system. This study shows that water losses in the housing can be prevented by using advanced technologies. There are similar systems in practice, but this study is different from the others with regard to its holistic approach, addressing all three problems together. The contribution of the system to economic and social life will be great, when water saving and environmental damage are considered.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.604
PACS numbers: 47.62.+q, 07.05.Dz, 07.10.-h