A Neuro-Adaptive Learning (NAL) Approach about Costs of Residential Buildings
L.O. Ugur
Düzce University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Düzce, Turkey
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The artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic models are two well-known branches of artificial intelligence and have been broadly and successfully used to simulate input-output systems. Over the last two decades, a different modeling method based on fuzzy logic or neural networks has become popular and has been used by many researchers for a variety of engineering applications. Nowadays, for reducing the amount of experiment costs, modeling methods based on artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic systems have become more popular and have been used by many researchers for many civil engineering management applications. In this study a neuro-adaptive learning approach about costs of residential buildings was designed. As a result, NAL can be an alternative approach for the evaluation of the cost estimations of residential buildings construction.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.132.585
topics: costs of residential buildings, neuro-adaptive learning, fuzzy logic