The Automatization of Alignment System for Calibration of Hydrometers
G.S. Sariyerli, U.Y. Akcadag and O. Sakarya
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, National Metrology Institute (TUBITAK-UME), Gebze, Turkey
Received: April 6, 2016; In final form: November 23, 2016
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In this study, the determination of weighing liquid by using automatic alignment system and the reference density standard to realize the calibration of scale division by hydrostatic weighing method introduced by Cuckow in computer controll is planned. This system serves all projects of Volume, Density and Viscosity Laboratory for the calibration process of hydrometers and makes it fully automatic, fast, more precise and efficient in comparison with manual calibration system. A new method refers automatically specific scale-marks for the calibration of hydrometers. A hydrometer calibration system adopting the new method consists of a vision system, positioning frame by servo motor and software to control the system. The vision system is composed of a camera to acquire images of meniscus level conflicted with scale level of hydrometer. The position of temperature controlled bath is provided by the positioning frame controlled with PLC. The stepping motor moves the camera, which is attached to the vessel containing a reference liquid, along the hydrometer. The aim of this study is to represent and validate the automated hydrometer calibration system of TUBITAK UME realizing the hydrometer comparison (1000-1020 kg/m3) between automated and manual hydrometer calibration system.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.1466
PACS/topics: the Cuckow method, hydrostatic weighing, hydrometer, density, calibration, meniscus