Structural Studies of C-Ni-Pd Nanocomposite Films Deposited on Al2O3 Substrate
M. Kozłowski a, E. Czerwosz a, K. Sobczakb,c and B. Kurowskab
aTele- and Radio Research Institute, Ratuszowa 11, PL-03450 Warsaw, Poland
bInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Aleja Lotnikow 32/46, PL-02668 Warsaw, Poland
cBiological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw, Żwirki i Wigury 101, 02-089 Warsaw, Poland
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The properties of nanocomposite carbon-nickel-palladium (C-Ni-Pd) films deposited on Al2O3 substrate have been investigated and the results are presented in this work. C-Ni-Pd films were obtained by a 3 step process consisting of PVD/CVD/PVD methods. The structure and morphology of the obtained films were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy techniques at various stages of film formation. Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer was used for measuring the elements segregation in the obtained film. Transmission electron microscopy and scanning transmission electron microscopy observations have shown carbon nanotubes decorated with palladium nanoparticles in the final film. The average size of the palladium nanoparticles did not exceed 10 nm.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.1409
PACS numbers: 62.23.Pq, 81.07.Bc, 81.15.Gh, 82.45.Mp