Magnetic Properties of SMC Cores Produced at a Low Compacting Temperature
A. Jakubasa, P. Gębara a, S. Seme b, A. Gnatowski a and K. Chwastek a
aCzęstochowa University of Technology, H. Dąbrowskiego 69, 42-201 Częstochowa, Poland
bUniversity of Maribor, Hočevarjev trg 1, 8270 Krško, Slovenia
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Soft magnetic composites are readily used in the design of electromagnetic converters and electrical machines. In the paper, the magnetic properties of "home-made" cores made of iron powder and suspense polyvinyl chloride are examined. Samples were prepared by hot pressing of a PVC/Fe powder mixture with a different ratio of constituent components. Phase composition was investigated using an X-ray diffractometer and the presence of α-Fe was detected. Measurements of magnetic permeability revealed its allometric decrease with an increase of PVC content in composite. For the description of magnetization curves the phenomenological Jiles-Atherton model is used. The results of simulations are in a qualitative agreement with experiment.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.1289
PACS numbers: 75.60.-d, 75.60.Ej, 77.84.Lf