Field-Induced Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Mn9W6 Cluster-Based Compound
P. Koniecznya, R. Pełka a, S. Chorazy b, R. Podgajny b, B. Sieklucka b and T. Wasiutyński a
aDepartment of Magnetic Research, Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAS, E. Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Kraków, Poland
bFaculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, R. Ingardena 3, 30-060 Kraków, Poland
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Magnetic measurements of a three-dimensional (3D) molecular magnet built of Mn9[W(CN)8]6 clusters have been carried out to study its static and dynamic properties. Measurements of ac susceptibility in the presence of static magnetic field revealed slow magnetic relaxations. It was found that for the 120 Hz wave frequency the optimal static field which maximizes the imaginary component of the ac susceptibility is about 500 Oe.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.884
PACS numbers: 75.50.Xx, 75.40.Cx, 75.50.Gg