LSMO/YBCO Heterostructures and Investigation of "Negative" Resistance Effect in the Interface
M. Sojkováa, T. Nurgaliev b, V. Štrbík a, Š. Chromik a, B. Blagoev b and M. Španková a
aInstitute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, 84104 Bratislava, Slovakia
bInstitute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72 Tsarigradsko Chausse, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
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Samples containing the ferromagnetic manganite La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO) and high temperature superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) single thin film areas and YBCO/LSMO bilayer area were prepared on LaAlO3 (LAO) substrates and were used for investigation of the electrical properties of the interface. The measurements in the YBCO/LSMO interface demonstrated "negative" values of the resistance. A good interpretation of the obtained results was performed in the framework of a 1D model, which took into account the resistance of the interface Rif and the temperature dependence of the resistance of YBCO and LSMO films. It was shown that the effect of "negative" resistance arises because of the redistribution of the measuring electrical current in the interphase area if the resistance of the interface Rif is small in comparison with the resistances of the neighboring electrodes.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.842
PACS numbers: 73.40.-c, 73.40.Cg, 74.78.Fk, 74.72.-h, 75.50.Cc