Effect of the Canting of Local Anisotropy Axes on Ground-State Properties of a Ferrimagnetic Chain with Regularly Alternating Ising and Heisenberg Spins
J. Torricoa, M.L. Lyra a, O. Rojas b, S.M. de Souza b and J. Strečka c
aInstituto de Física, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, 57072-970 Maceio, AL, Brazil
bDepartamento de Física, Universidade Federal de Lavras, 37200-000, Lavras, MG, Brazil
cInstitute of Physics, Faculty of Science, P.J. Šafárik University, Park Angelinum 9, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
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The effect of the canting of local anisotropy axes on the ground-state phase diagram and magnetization of a ferrimagnetic chain with regularly alternating Ising and Heisenberg spins is exactly examined in an arbitrarily oriented magnetic field. It is shown that individual contributions of the Ising and Heisenberg spins to the total magnetization basically depend on the spatial orientation of the magnetic field and the canting angle between two different local anisotropy axes of the Ising spins.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.621
PACS numbers: 75.10.Pq, 75.10.Kt, 75.30.Kz, 75.40.Cx, 75.60.Ej