Implementation of Conductance Tomography in Detection of the Hall Sensors Inhomogeneity
O. Petruka, P. Nowak b and R. Szewczyk b
aIndustrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, Al. Jerozolimskie 202, 02-486 Warsaw, Poland
bInstitute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, sw. A. Boboli 8, 02-525 Warsaw, Poland
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Tomography is a useful tool for objects reconstruction in non-destructive testing. Many kinds of tomography, depending on the penetrating wave character, are available and adapted for specific application. This paper presents new kind of tomography - conductance tomography extended with a Hall effect. Its development was motivated by the need on inhomogeneity detection in thin film Hall effect sensor, particularly graphene Hall effect sensors. Paper presents complete description of the tomographic method and tomography software developed in the GNU Octave. Inverse transformation is based on optimization method. Each shape reconstruction was done with the finite element method using the open source software: Elmer FEM and Salome. Results confirmed the suitability of the work.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.1186
PACS numbers: 07.55.Ge, 85.75.Ss, 85.30.Fg, 02.70.Dh