Anisotropy of Magnetoresistance in HoB12
A. Khoroshilova,b, V. Krasnorussky b, A. Bogach b, V. Glushkova,b, S. Demisheva,b, A. Levchenko c, N. Shitsevalova c, V. Filipov c, S. Gabáni d, K. Flachbart d, M. Anisimov a, K. Siemensmeyer e and N. Sluchankoa,b
aMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Region, 141700 Russia
bProkhorov General Physics Institute RAS, 119991 Moscow, Russia
cInstitute for Problems of Materials Science, NASU, 03680 Kiev, Ukraine
dInstitute of Experimental Physics, SAS, Watsonova 47, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
eHahn Meitner Institut Berlin, D 14109 Berlin, Germany
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We present results of precision measurements of magnetoresistance of isotopically pure Ho11B12 at low temperatures 2÷10 K in magnetic field up to 80 kOe of different orientation to the crystal axes. The data obtained revealed strong anisotropy of magnetoresistance and allowed us to reconstruct magnetic H-T phase diagrams for main crystallographic directions H || [001], [110], and [111]. Analysis of magnetoresistance derivatives allowed to conclude in favor of two main magnetoresistance contributions. Among of them the negative quadratic component is attributed to charge carriers scattering on a magnetic clusters of Ho3+ ions (4f component) and positive linear one may be explained in terms of scattering on a spin density waves (5d component).

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.976
PACS numbers: 71.27.+a