Anisotropy of the Charge Transport in GdB6
M. Anisimova, V. Glushkova,b, A. Bogach b, S. Demisheva,b, N. Samarin a, A. Samarin b, N. Shitsevalova c, A. Levchenko c, V. Filipov c, S. Gábani d, K. Flachbart d, and N. Sluchankoa,b
aProkhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Vavilov 38, 119991 Moscow, Russia
bMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Institutsky lane 9, 141700 Dolgoprudny, Russia
cFrantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science NAS, Krzhyzhanovskii 3, 03680 Kiev, Ukraine
dInstitute of Experimental Physics of SAS, Watsonova 47, SK-04001 Košice, Slovak Republic
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The anisotropy of charge transport was investigated in the antiferromagnetic II state of GdB6 from precise measurements of transverse magnetoresistance. Based on the data obtained we detected a complicated behavior of magnetoresistance curves which are characterized by the appearance of considerable hysteresis on the field and angular dependences below TN2. Moreover it was shown that the system GdB6 is sensitive to cooling-warming prehistory. The data analysis allowed to reconstruct magnetic H-T phase diagram of GdB6 along main crystallographic directions (H || ⟨001⟩,⟨110⟩,⟨111⟩) and to propose additional phase transition inside AF II phase at H1 ≈ 0.5 T.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.973
PACS numbers: 72.15.Gd