Examination of the Electric Field Intensity Distribution Between Wet Surfaces During Cable Aging Process
I. Gunes
Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Avcilar Campus, Avcilar 34320, Istanbul, Turkey
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In this study, electric field effect was investigated by dry band arcing test method. ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting) cables are usually placed on power grids. These cables are affected by temperature and are exposed to many environmental effects such as wind and UV rays. In this study, the effect of water flow over ADSS cable on electric surface erosion on dry surfaces was investigated by electric arcing method, according to IEEE 1222 standard and the electric field intensity at the surface and the electric potential distribution were analyzed using the finite element method.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.548
PACS numbers: Cable insulation, electric field, dry band arcing, aging test