Simulation of LYSO Crystal for the TAC-PF Electromagnetic Calorimeter
F. Kocak and I. Tapan
Uludag University, Department of Physics, 16059 Bursa, Turkey
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In addition to PWO and CsI(Tl) crystals, cerium doped LYSO crystal is considered for the electromagnetic calorimeter part of the Turkish Accelerator Center Particle Factory (TAC-PF) detector, because of its high light yield, fast decay time and good radiation hardness. In this work, LYSO crystals arranged in 3×3 and 5×5 matrices have been simulated against photons in the energy range between 50 MeV and 2 GeV, using Geant4 simulation code. Energy resolutions have been estimated considering the contribution of photoelectron statistics coming from the avalanche and PIN photodiodes.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.527
PACS numbers: 29.40.Mc, 02.70.Uu