Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Cement Finish Mill
R. Magraoui and M. Temmar
University of Blida 1, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Structural Mechanics Research Laboratory, BP 270 Blida, Algeria
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In this work, we study the dynamic behavior of a cement crusher. During its operation, several faults can occur. Our objective is to monitor the gear defect and other defects and make the necessary corrections. We model a part of the system: the gear transmission of the entire pinion-crown. We proceed to the simulation using a simulation program. Afterwards, we study the vibration behavior of the entire kinematic chain of the machine where we conduct programming vibrations of measurement points across all levels using vibration analysis software. The vibration measurements are realized with the aid of a data collector. The results of theoretical simulation are confronted with the analysis of experimental vibration measurements in order to determine the severity of mechanical faults and to establish an adequate vibratory prognosis.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.507
PACS numbers: 07.10.-h