Applying a Numerical Model to Obtain the Temperature Distribution while Machining
N. Melzi, M. Temmar and M. Ouali
Structural Mechanics Research Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University Blida 1, Algeria
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The turning process is one of the best used processes in the mechanical industry. Therefore, the choice of the cutting parameters is very important in order to obtain a good machined surface quality. In this study, an analytical model and a modeling of the contact of the cutting tool with the work piece are developed for an orthogonal cutting process with a thermal analysis at the contact. The main aim is to predict the temperature while machining. By using the high-speed machining, we notice that the greater part of the heat, generated by the cutting process, is discharged into the cutting tool and the work piece. Indeed, when the cutting parameters, such as the cutting speed or the feed increase, the temperature increases too.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.504
PACS numbers: 07.10.-h