Vibration Noise Harshness of a Light Truck Driveshaft, Analysis and Improvement with Six Sigma Approach
A.T. Ertürka, S. Karabayb, K. Baynalc and T. Korkutd
aKocaeli University, Ford Otosan Ihsaniye Vocational School of Automotive, Kocaeli, Turkey
bKocaeli University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kocaeli, Turkey
cKocaeli University, Department of Industrial Engineering, Kocaeli, Turkey
dYazaki Corporation, Romania
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This paper deals with the application of six sigma methodology for optimization of a cardan shaft. The aim of this optimization is to reduce vibration of the drive shaft and consequently improve vibration noise harshness of the vehicle. The six sigma methodology has been applied to a light truck, which has received excessive vibration and noise complaints. The define-measure-analyze-improve-control approach has been followed to enhance the vibration noise harshness statistics. The result shows that all expected vibration noise harshness performance targets have been dramatically improved when compared to the initial values. As a conclusion, the case study on a light truck is a useful reference to improve vehicle performance for vibration noise harshness.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.477
PACS numbers: 06.30.Gv, 34.50.Ez, 43.58.+z, 46.40.-f, 05.10.-a