Effects of the Wind Speed and the Material Emplacement on the Output Signal of PZT Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
F. Demira and M. Anutganb,c
aKarabuk University, Electronics Technology Department, 78050, Karabuk, Turkey
bKarabuk University, Faculty of Technology, Mechatronics Engineering Department, 78050, Karabuk, Turkey
cKarabuk University, Thin Film Coatings Laboratory, Materials Research and Development Center (MARGEM), 78050, Karabuk, Turkey
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In this study the electrical signal produced from wind energy through a (PbxX1-x)(ZryTizY1-y-z) piezoelectric transducer is analyzed. The material is placed onto a metal frame at different positions and voltage outputs of each are compared at different wind flow speeds and load resistance values. The absorption of the wind energy is tested by connecting a polyurethane material in parallel and perpendicular to the wind flow direction. The use of that material with optimum emplacement condition is shown to increase the voltage output by at least two orders of magnitude, where the maximum voltage output obtained is 13 V, and the maximum power is 338 μW.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.362
PACS numbers: 81.05.-t