Effect of CaO Addition on the Sintering Behaviour of Anorthite Formed from Kaolin and CaO
A. Oualia, F. Sahnoune a, H. Belhouchet b and M. Heraiz a
aPhysics and Chemistry of Materials Lab, Department of Physics, University of M'sila, 28000, M'sila, Algeria
bLaboratoire des Matériaux non Métalliques, Université Ferhat Abbas Sétif 1, 19000, Sétif, Algeria
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Thermal reactions and sintering behavior of kaolin DD3 (Djebel Debbagh, Algeria) and CaO mixtures to obtain dense anorthite ceramics were investigated. Mixed powders were uniaxially pressed and fired between 850 and 1150°C. Firing the pressed specimens yielded a dense anorthite ceramics. The sintered density increased with increase of CaO content and reached the maximum value of 2.57 g/cm3 for the composition containing 10 wt% CaO and fired at 1150°C. Their coefficient of linear expansion of the sintered samples at 1100°C decreases with the addition of CaO. X-ray diffraction experiments carried out on the samples containing varied amount of CaO and fired at the temperatures higher than 1000°C for 2 h showed the presence of only anorthite phase.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.159
PACS numbers: 81.05.Je, 81.05.Mh, 81.20.Ev, 81.70.Pg, 65.40.De, 65.60.+a