Corrosion Behaviour and Electrical Conductivity of Reinforced TiAl3 and B4C Hybrid Aluminium Composites
H.B. Erek a, D. Özyüreka and A. Asan b
aKarabuk University, Technology Faculty, Manufacturing Eng., 78100, Karabuk, Turkey
bHitit University, Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Eng., 19100, Corum, Turkey
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In this study, corrosion and electric conductivity of aluminum hybrid composites (in situ TiAl3 and ex situ B4C) produced by powder metallurgy are investigated. Hybrid (in situ and ex situ) aluminum composite powders are produced by adding different amounts of titanium and B4C into AA7075 alloy powders. After the hybrid composite powders are cold pressed (600 MPa), they are sintered in atmosphere controlled furnace at 580°C for 4 h. As a result of this study, it was observed that increase of B4C%(Ti constant) decreases density and increase of Ti%(B4C constant) increases the density of composites. It was determined that corrosion resistances (Rp) of hybrid composites decreased due to interface surfaces formed between the reinforcement phase and the matrix.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.131.156
PACS numbers: 82.45.Bb