Application of Differential PDF to the Structural Characterization of Supported Catalysts
M. Sommariva a, N. Dadivanyan a, M. Gateshki a, M. Rayner a, L. Lukashuk b, G. Rupprechter b and K. Föttinger b
aPANalytical BV, Almelo, The Netherlands
bInstitute of Materials Chemistry, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
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This paper reports the use of a differential PDF approach performed on a laboratory X-ray diffractometer, for the analysis of nanosized PdO phase distributed on the reducible Fe2O3 support.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.884
PACS numbers:, 61.05.cp, 07.85.Jy, 82.45.Jn