Structural Characterization and Magnetic Properties of CuCr2Te4 Spinel Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Heat Treatment
M. Karolus a, E. Maciążek b, J. Panek a, M. Kubisztal a and T. Groń c
aUniversity of Silesia, Institute of Material Science, 75 Pułku Piechoty 1A, 41-500 Chorzów, Poland
bUniversity of Silesia, Institute of Chemistry, Szkolna 9, 40-006 Katowice, Poland
cUniversity of Silesia, Institute of Physics, Uniwersytecka 4, 40-007 Katowice, Poland
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CuCr2Te4 can be obtain by mechanical alloying followed by heat treatment. The obtained phase crystallizes in the spinel-type structure of the space group Fd3m. The calculated crystallite size equals to 100 nm. Magnetic susceptibility measurements showed ferrimagnetic order below 21 K.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.859
PACS numbers: 75.50.Gg, 75.50.Tt, 81.10.Jt