Studies on Structural, Dielectric, and Electrical Properties of a Ni0.284Zn0.549Cu0.183Fe1.984O4 Piezomagnetic Material
R. Balusamy a, P. Kumaravel b, N. Kanagatharac, R. Gowri Shankar Rao d, and N.G. Renganathan d
aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Al-Ameen Engineering College, Erode, India
bDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode, India
cJaya Engineering College, Thiruninravur, Chennai-602 024, India
dSchool of Basic Sciences, Vel Tech University, Chennai-62, India
Received: July 16, 2015; Revised version: May 27, 2016; In final form: June 17, 2016
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Piezomagnetic materials in composition Ni0.284Zn0.549Cu0.183Fe1.984O4 were prepared by mixed oxide method at 1100°C. Powder X-ray diffraction studies confirm the crystalline nature of the synthesized Ni0.284Zn0.549Cu0.183Fe1.984O4 piezomagnetic material. The crystallite size is calculated to be 19.332 μ m using the Debye-Scherrer formula. The surface morphology and particle size of the samples has been studied by scanning electron microscopy. The thermal stability and decomposition behaviour of Ni0.284Zn0.549Cu0.183Fe1.984O4 piezomagnetic material have been studied by thermogravimetric analysis at a heating rate of 15°C/min. The effective activation energy of the prepared composite was calculated using single heating rate methods: Broido's and Coats-Redfern methods. Dielectric properties of Ni0.284Zn0.549Cu0.183Fe1.984O4 piezomagnetic material have been studied in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures. The magnetic behavior of Ni0.284 Zn0.549 Cu0.183 Fe1.984O4 piezomagnetic material at room temperature has been confirmed by vibrational sample magnetometer studies.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.751
PACS numbers: 75.80.+q, 77.22.-d, 77.22.Gm, 68.37.Hk