Influence of In-situ Stress Distribution on Selection of Fracturing Fluid Backflow Technology
Chao Zhou, Xiaodong Wu, Hui Li, Zongxiao Ren and Yinan Xin
Department of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Beijing, China
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The distribution of in-situ stress has significant influence on fracture propagation direction so as to affect the selection of the fluid backflow technology. The influences on the longitudinal cracks in fracture propagation direction, caused by vertical stress distribution of the interlayer-oil layer, was firstly analyzed. Then, the settling rule of proppant within the fractures during the flowing back process was analyzed. Meanwhile, the bottomhole pressure curves under different nozzle diameters after shut-in were obtained by the volume balance principle. Therefore, the facture closure time and the maximum proppant settling distance were determined. Finally, combined with the field data, fracturing fluid backflow process, which considered the influence of in-situ stress, was optimized. Calculation shows that the location of oil layer in the in-situ stress zone and the proppant settling distance have close relations with the selection of fracturing fluid backflow technology. Hence, the optimization of fracturing fluid backflow technology requires consideration of the key factors above.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.347
PACS numbers: 89.30.aj,