Determination of Natural Radioactivity Concentrations in Surface Soils in the Yeşilırmak River in Amasya, Turkey
B. Çetin
Amasya University, Physics Department, Amasya, Turkey
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In this study, natural radioactivity concentration in the surface soils along the Yeşilırmak river in Amasya have been investigated. The activity concentrations of radionuclides of the 226Ra and 232Th decay chains and of the 40K were determined by means of gamma-ray spectrometry measurements made using a 3 × 3'' NaI(Tl) detector system. Concerning radiological risk, the absorbed gamma dose in air from those soils and the outdoor annual effective dose equivalent were calculated.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.320
PACS numbers: 29.90.+r, 29.30.-h