Investigation of Double Differential Cross Sections of (γ,p) Reaction for 12C Nuclei
N. Karpuz a, B. Mavi b and İ. Akkurt c
aAmasya University, Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Health Services Vocational School, Amasya, Turkey
bAmasya University, Sciences & Arts Faculty, Amasya, Turkey
cSüleyman Demirel University, Sciences & Arts Faculty, Isparta, Turkey
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Photonuclear reaction data, is important for basic and applied research. In additional to this, double differential data is especially vital in the field of nuclear medicine. The increase in the number of patients, admitted for treatment of cancer with heavy ions, poses a serious problem in terms of the risk of secondary cancer, as a result of exposure to particles of different energy and angle values, released after the nuclear reaction. The main point here is the possibility of damaging organs other than the treated one by the radiation generated in the reactions during the heavy ion therapy. Based on this, in order to assess the risk of secondary cancer the investigations of the double differential cross sections of reaction are required. Double differential cross sections of (γ,p) photonuclear reaction for 12C nuclei were calculated as functions of incoming photon energy and angle. Nuclear reaction simulation program TALYS 1.2 was used in the calculations. The calculated cross sections were compared with both the experimental cross sections and the evaluated cross sections available in literature.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.313
PACS numbers: 5.20.x, 32.80.Cy