Effect of the Level Density Parameter Ratio on the Cross Sections of Fission of Uranium Isotopes
N. Karpuz
Amasya University, Sabuncuo─člu ┼×erefeddin Health Services Vocational School, Amasya, Turkey
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Nuclear level density is a fission characteristics for each core. Level density parameter ratio af/an plays an important role in the statistical calculations of the fission, investigation of heavy ion collisions and calculation of the reaction cross sections. In this study, the effects of the different level density ratio on the fission reaction cross section for uranium isotopes were investigated. Calculations were carried out using the Monte Carlo simulation codes ALICE/ASH and TALYS 1.6. The calculated results were compared with the experimental reaction cross sections from literature.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.306
PACS numbers: 25.85-w, 25.85.Ge