Effects of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in Bunch Compressor of TARLA
H. Yildiz a, A. Aksoy b and P. Arikan a
aGazi University, Physics Department, Ankara, Turkey
bAnkara University, Institute of Accelerator Technologies, Ankara, Turkey
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High order and non-linear effects in accelerator beamline play an important role in the transport of the beam. These effects cause variation of designed beam parameters such as emittance growth, bunch length variation, beam halo formation, etc. One of the known non-linear effects in bunch compressors is the coherent synchrotron radiation effect. In this study we focus on coherent synchrotron radiation effect in Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) machine which is designed to drive Infrared Free Electron Laser, covering the range of 3-250 μm. We additionally discuss high order effects in bunch compressor of TARLA.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.214
PACS numbers: 29.27.Bd, 29.27.-a, 29.20.Ej, 41.60.-m, 41.60.Cr, 41.85.Ja, 41.85.-p, 07.55.Db, 02.10.Yn