Synthetic Unit Hydrograph of Small Catchments by Using GIS
A.Y. Günal and A. Güven
Gaziantep University, Civil Engineering Department, Gaziantep, Turkey
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In this study, synthetic unit hydrograph parameters which are qp, tp, tb are calculated by using Synder, Mockus, SCS (Soil Conservation Service) and DSI (State Hydraulic Works) methods. First according to observed data, calculations were done. Then the mentioned above methods, which are based on both topographic map and geographic information systems values, were applied. Three catchments, Damlıca, Vize, Kumdere were studied. Synder, Mockus, SCS and DSI methods were applied for each catchment.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.130
PACS numbers: 92.40.-t, 92.10.Yb