Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flow Field at Downstream-Facing Round Nosed Pier
M. Günal a and A. Ismael b
aGaziantep University, Civil Engineering Department, Gaziantep, Turkey
bTechnical Institute, Mosul, Iraq
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Bridge pier in a flow induce turbulence and vortices that increase the risk of sediment bed scouring. The turbulent flow field around downstream-facing round nosed pier in a scoured bed was examined experimentally. The opposite bridge pier was embedded in a non-uniform: soil with d50=1.45 mm and σg=3.16. Experiments were carried out under live-bed condition. Flow velocities were measured with acoustic Doppler velocimeter. Measurement was conducted at the pier front. Result shows that the time-average velocity field, turbulent intensities and turbulent kinetic energy at different depths and distances from the original bed level differs. These results are benefiting for validation of three-dimensional flow model and turbulence close to the bridge pier.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.126
PACS numbers: 47.85.-g, 47.80.Cb