The Law of Growth of Nitrided Layer in 31CrMoV9 Steel
N. Syla a, F. Aliaj a and B. Dalipi b
aUniversity of Prishtina, Department of Physics, Mother Theresa Str. 5, 10000 Prishtina, Kosova
bUniversity Kadri Zeka, Faculty of Education, Zija Shemsiu Str. nn, 60000 Gjilan, Kosova
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The law of growth of nitrided layers produced by gaseous nitriding of 31CrMoV9 alloy steel at different process parameters is described. 31CrMoV9 steel specimens were subjected to nitriding process in ammonia gas at three different temperatures: 510, 550 and 590°C, and for each temperature four different nitriding times were used. This way twelve specimens were produced. Nitrided specimens were investigated with optical microscopy, electron probe micro-analysis and x-ray diffraction. The nitrogen depth concentration profiles, deduced from electron probe micro-analysis, in conjunction with results of optical microscopy, were used to determine the thickness of the nitrided layers, i.e. the diffusion depth of nitrogen. From the dependence of the nitrided layer thickness on process parameters (temperature and time) it was possible to deduce the law that governs the growth of the nitrided layer for 31CrMoV9 alloy steel. Through this law, then, it is possible to predetermine the layer thickness for every real process parameter in nitriding of 31CrMoV9 steel, which is very important for technological applications.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.83
PACS numbers: 61.05.cp, 81.65.Lp