Sharp-Rejection, Wide and Deep Stopband Low Pass Filter Design Using Open Stubs and DGS Patterns
M. Challal a and M. Boulakroune b
aUniversity M'Hamed Bougara of Boumerdes, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Signals and Systems Laboratory, Department of Electronics, Boumerdes, Algeria
bUniversity Kasdi Merbah of Ouargla, Faculty of New Technologies of Information and Communication, Electronics and Communication Department, Ouargla, Algeria
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A sharp rejection, wide and deep stopband microstrip low pass filter is investigated in this paper. The proposed low pass filter is composed of three defected ground structure patterns and four open stubs. Simulated results verify that the filter has a sharpness factor of 0.9, a low insertion loss of 0.65 and a return loss less than 15 dB. Moreover, a wide stopband at 20 dB rejection ranging from 4.55 GHz to 11.62 GHz is accomplished. The filter presented in this work was compared with the previous works completed on low pass filter with sharp rejection. It has shown that the filter provides good performances in terms of sharp rejection, wide and deep rejection band and small passband insertion loss compared to those reported in the literatures.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.9
PACS numbers: 41.20.-q, 41.20.Jb, 11.10.-z