Investigation of Natural Radioactivity of Surface Soil Samples in the Vicinity of Edirne-Turkey
N. Zaim a, A.B. Tugrul b, H. Atlas a, B. Buyuk b, E. Demir b, N. Baydogan b and N. Altınsoy b
aTrakya University, Science Faculty, Physics Department, Balkan Campus, 20030, Edirne, Turkey
bIstanbul Technical University, Energy Institute, Nuclear Researches Division, Ayazaga Campus, 34469, Istanbul, Turkey
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The study was carried out to determine radioactivity concentrations in surface soil samples of the city of Edirne in connection with the potential radiological hazards due to Chernobyl event. The natural radionuclide ((226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K) contents were determined for nine different locations in nine different towns of the Edirne city. Radiation levels were measured. Natural beta-ray activity was also determined for the same locations. The average estimated activity values were determined and compared with reported values for other cities in Turkey and also for many countries of the world. The studied areas do not pose radiological risks to the inhabitants due to harmful effects of the ionizing radiation from the natural radioactivity of the soil.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.64
PACS numbers: 07.88.+y, 89.60.-k