Determination of Imbalance Problem in Electric Motor and Centrifugal Pump by Vibration Analysis
R. Kiliç
SASKİ General Directorate, Kentpark İçi, PK 144, Sakarya
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In this study, general characteristics of imbalance problem in electric motor and centrifugal pumps and the vibrations caused by these faults are discussed. The fact that frequencies would yield vibrations which were caused by imbalance problems was investigated in detail. In addition, the vibration behavior formed by the electric motor and centrifugal pump running in water pumping mode are presented as a sample case. It is observed that the imbalance problem which have occurred in the electric motor and centrifugal pump could be easily determined using the vibration analysis.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.487
PACS numbers: 43.40