Hybridization of Solar/Wind Energy System for Power Generation in Rural Aeras
A.A. Jadallah a, D.Y. Mahmood a, Z. Er b and Z.A. Abdulqaedr a
aDep. of Electromechanical Eng. University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
bPhysical Engineering Dept., Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
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This work is devoted to modeling, analysis and simulation of a small-scale stand-alone wind/PV hybrid power generation system. Wind turbine is modelled and many parameters are taken into account, such as pitch angle, rotor diameter, wind speed, etc. The PV module is then modelled under nominal conditions such as cell temperature, solar radiation, etc. A MATLAB computer programs is developed to solve the mathematical model for small scale horizontal axis wind turbine and PV system. The experimental study has been conducted using a small scale wind turbine based on 500 W permanent magnet synchronous generator. A PV panel used has 36 monocrystalline silicon cells connected together in series having the ability to generate 50 W of rated power. Results show that the load consumes power from both systems but there is an excess and lack of power supply in some operating conditions, such as variation of solar radiation and wind speed.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.434
PACS numbers: 89.20.Bb, 89.30.Cc