2×2 MIMO VLC Optical Transmission System Based on LEDs in a Double Role
M. Kowalczyk
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw, Poland
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The article presents the concept solution of two main issues of visible light communication systems, i.e. the lack of a cost-effective feedback channel and the handling of high throughput. The concept is based on merging of the multiple input multiple output approach, well-known from radio transmission domain, with using of LEDs in a double role, i.e. both as emitters and detectors of light. The feasibility of the proposal was confirmed by the results of the research, carried out for two-channel system of this type.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.41
PACS numbers: 07.50.Qx, 07.60.-j, 42.72.Bj, 42.79.-e, 42.82