Fabrication of Pyramid/Nanowire Binary Structure on n-Type Silicon Using Chemical Etching
Y. Si Ahmed a,b, T. Hadjersi a and R. Chaoui a
aCentre de Recherche en Technologie des Semi-conducteurs pour l'Energétique (CRTSE), Division Technologies Emergentes des Semi-conducteurs pour l'Energétique (TESE), 2 Bd Frantz Fanon, B.P. 140, Alger-7 Merveilles, Algiers, Algeria
bFaculté des Sciences et Technologie, Université de Khemis Miliana, route de Theniet El Had, 44225, Khemis Miliana, Algeria
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A pyramid and nanowire binary structure of n-type monocrystalline silicon surface was fabricated by two-step chemical etching process. The nanowire surface is formed by electroless etching in HF-AgNO3 aqueous solution after being textured in KOH/IPA solution. Optical absorption was compared between this structure and that of random pyramid arrays. The effective reflectance calculated between 400 and 1100 nm decreased from ≈ 40% to ≈ 15% after pyramidal texturing and ≈ 4% after formation of vertically aligned nanowires with a length less than 1 μ m. This simple and low-cost surface structuring technique holds high potential for the manufacture of terrestrial silicon solar cells with reduced optical losses.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.385
PACS numbers: 88.40.jj