CRI and GAI Comparison in LED Light Sources Using Image Processing
İ.S. Üncü a, S. Coşkunsu b, C. Sönmez a and O. Biçakçi c
aSüleyman Demirel University, Technology Faculty, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Isparta, Turkey
bSüleyman Demirel University, Engineering Faculty, Computer Engineering Department, Isparta, Turkey
cAğustosTeknoloji LTD., İstanbul, Turkey
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In this study, color rendering index and gamut area index related to the light quality of a light source are compared. Color rendering index is a measure that demonstrates how much a light source reveals colors in nature. In color rendering index measurements, average of reference colors is taken to obtain an overall measurement value. As to gamut area index measurement, the result is obtained through the field measurement formed by the results of reference colors in the color space.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.130.379
PACS numbers: 07.05.Pj, 42.30.-d, 42.66.Ne