Cross-Correlations of the Forex Market Using Power Law Classification Scheme Picture
J. Miśkiewicza,b
aInstitute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wrocław, pl. M. Borna 9, 50-204 Wrocław, Poland
bDepartment of Physics and Biophysics, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, C.K. Norwida 25, 50-375 Wrocław, Poland
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The analysis of crisis influence on the cross-correlation of the foreign exchange market (forex) daily exchange rates time series is presented. The analysis was conducted on 42 exchange rates with PLN as the common base currency. The time series cover the period from 09.10.2007 till 08.08.2015. Cross-correlation of the time series was analysed by power law classification scheme. It was shown that the strength of correlation allows not only to properly distinguish crisis and prosperity periods but also, followed by network analysis, is capable of recognizing the nodes which are the source of the crisis.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.917
PACS numbers: 89.65.Gh, 05.45.Tp