Intellectual System for Controlling the Individual Heat Consumption
R.E. Mironov, Yu.I. Shtern, Ya.S. Kozhevnikov, M.Yu. Shtern and I.S. Karavaev
National Research University of Electronic Technology - MIET, Bld. 1, Shokin Square, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia, 124498
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A new concept for determining the individual heat consumption in the heating systems of the apartment houses, which was realized in the intellectual system, developed by authors, for controlling the individual heat consumption, is proposed. Concept is based on the use of virtual measuring channels, determined by the technology of intellectual precise temperature sensors and flow meters for heat carrier in heating systems. Configuration of measuring channels is determined by software means, and can be operatively changed during exploitation. Methods and mathematical models for the calculation of individual heat consumption were determined, including calculation and distribution of total house heat consumption. Design principle of intellectual system for controlling the individual heat consumption was determined. Original design solutions, and hardware and software means for electronic components were developed. System carries out direct measurements of heat consumption, and performs data reception and transmission from electronic measuring and controlling components using radio channel at frequencies of 434 or 868 MHz, then it is performing calculations and displaying results. Results of calculations in real measuring units are displayed on the local retranslator and apartment monitor. Exclusive feature of this concept is associated with the possibility of measuring of total house heat consumption. Estimation of confidence limits of systematic measurement error of the individual heat consumption was carried out. It was shown that average weighted error for determination of heat consumption by one apartment during the heating season does not exceed 6.5%.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.782
PACS numbers: 84.40.Xb