Investigation of Radiation Shielding Properties of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete
M.A. Çakıroğlu
Suleyman Demirel University, Technical Education Faculty, 32260 Isparta, Turkey
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Fibre concrete has emerged in order to improve the properties of concrete and to create an economical building material. In this study, the radiation permeability of shotcrete reinforced with polypropylene fiber was investigated. For this purpose, linear attenuation coefficient was measured for shotcrete reinforced with polypropylene fiber, produced using the dry mixing process. The linear attenuation coefficients for dry mixed shotcrete have been measured at photon energies of 1173, 1332 and 662 keV. Measurements were carried out using gamma spectrometer containing NaI (Tl) detector and a Multichannel Analyzer (MCA). The linear attenuation coefficients have increased with the increasing fiber percentage for all studied gamma energies.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.705
PACS numbers: 81.05.Ni, 78.20.Ci