Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Behavior of Cast and Machine Milled Co-Cr Alloys for Biomedical Applications
F. Mindivana, M.P. Yıldırımb, F. Bayındırb and H. Mindivanc,d
aBilecik S.E. University, Technical Programs Department, Bilecik, Turkey
bAtaturk University, Prosthodontics Department, Erzurum, Turkey
cBilecik S.E. University, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department, Bilecik, Turkey
dBilecik S.E. University, Central Research Laboratory, Bilecik, Turkey
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In this study, the electrochemical behavior and tribocorrosion performance of cobalt-chromium (Co-Cr) alloys produced by different fabrication methods (casting and CAD/CAM milling technique) have been investigated in the laboratory-simulated artificial saliva. The results have shown that the maximum tribocorrosion resistance was obtained for milled Co-Cr alloy because of higher corrosion resistance and hardness of milled Co-Cr alloy compared too those of cast Co-Cr alloy. Moreover, the lowest friction coefficient was achieved for milled Co-Cr alloy.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.701
PACS numbers: 81.40.Pq, 82.45.Bb, 87.85.jf