An Investigation of the Effects of Ageing Parameters on Wear Behaviours and Electrical Conductivity of Cu-Co-Be Alloys
D. Özyürek, M. Yıldırım and T. Tunçay
Karabük University, Technology Faculty, Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Karabük, Turkey
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In this study, the effects of ageing parameters were investigated on wear behaviours and electrical conductivity of Cu-Co-Be alloy. The samples were quenched at room temperature after solution heat treated for 1 h. Then, ageing processes were applied for three different temperatures (470°C, 500°C, 530°C) and for three different ageing times (1, 2, 3 h). Microstructure examining, electrical conductivity and hardness measurements were carried out after ageing process. On the samples, which obtained the highest hardness values from hardness test (470°C), there were carried out wear tests with 1 m s-1 sliding speed under 30 N at four sliding distance (500-2000 m). Results clearly show that the highest hardness values were measured for samples aged at 470°C for 3 h and hardness values were decreased with increasing ageing temperature. The lowest weight loss values were evaluated for samples aged at 470°C for 3 h. The highest electrical conductivity values were measured at 500°C for 1 h aged samples.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.559
PACS numbers: 81.40.Pq