Effect of Sodium Sulfate Addition on the Production of Ferronickel from Lateritic Ore
T.T. Parlak and K. Yıldız
Sakarya University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Esentepe Campus, Sakarya 54187, Turkey
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Lateritic nickel ore from Manisa - Çaldağ region was roasted to form: ferronickel at 1200°C for 1 h with additions of metallurgical coke and sodium sulfate varying by weight 5-15% and 0-20%, respectively. Formed metallic part of roasted sample was separated from non-metallic part by magnet and examined by means of X-ray diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscopy. In spite of kamacite α-(Fe,Ni) formation, iron-rich silicate structure that causes iron losses was observed for samples roasted with only coke. Kamacite formation increased with increment of the coke percentage but iron-rich silicate structure remained almost same. With addition of sodium sulfate, elimination of iron-rich silicate phase was achieved and easily magnetizable metallic particles were obtained.

DOI: 10.12693/APhysPolA.129.431
PACS numbers: 88.10.jn